The industry website has become the risk investment xiangbobo

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      sponsored by the Zhejiang provincial economic and Trade Commission, Chinese Electronic Commerce Association, held in Hangzhou Hi2000 and red Ding venture organized the 2007 Chinese industry website investment and Development Forum "on the front. The industry believes that the capital is becoming more and more active today, industry website is attracting more and more attention of venture capital institutions, venture capital has become the eyes of the meat and potatoes". read more

The beauty of figure three and a half years over 1 billion 100 million loss break into change normal

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Chinese financial network January 23rd news (reporter Liu Xiaofei Dan Zhengyu) as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Shenzhen Hong Kong through opening after the largest IPO, Mito company has attracted much attention since listing. Data show that in December 15, 2016 listed the MiTo company after 7 trading days gains 6 big line, the stock is down 12.53%. Although after a slight rebound, but as of January 18th closing price is still below the issue price, there are investors issued a pit father sigh.

as a result of the United States and the stock price stumble endlessly reasons, the industry generally believe that the company’s dismal fundamentals. Prospectus shows that since its inception in 2008, the cumulative loss of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan. Have to say, how to turn losses has become the most important issue in front of the u.s.. read more