How to search for the content of your site

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in almost all " search engine to the webmaster; suggestions, provide high quality content of " the similar items will appear, what kind of content is high quality content, search engines know how my content quality is high or low, in addition to the original, except external as everyone knows the links to these factors, there are factors which can make the search engine to judge your "


we should know is that only have the ability to judge the content of your site is high quality judges only visitors, therefore, the search engine only by monitoring the visitor’s behavior to evaluate your site’s content, specifically, the following two factors: read more

Yu Bin exploring the development of Web Editor

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recently found that many industry groups often there are people in the recruitment website editor, yesterday afternoon, a leader of the Tencent in the group technology channel also clamoring to recruit editors, look at some recruitment website, edit the majority of Web sites in the recruitment site, it seems that the Internet is absolutely a sunrise industry, network editor is absolute gold occupation.

how to do a good network coding? How to rely on this occupation family? How to earn a good salary package to develop their own? How to achieve self value in this occupation? We should from the occupation career planning perspective on this issue. read more

n the first half of the 7 6% increase in the total Org domain reached 8 million 500 thousand

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August 18th news, according to foreign media reports, The Public Interest Registry on Tuesday announced the biennial report of "The Dashboard" domain name, domain name registration data show that the world’s top third general domain name.Org has more than 8 million 500 thousand.

.Org domain growth accelerated

in the first half of this year,.Org domain grew by 7.6% in the first half of last year, an increase of 3.2%, driven by this, org domain name has more than 8 million 500 thousand, but still far from the peak. The first.Org domain name was registered in July 1985. In fact, the growth rate of the.Org domain over the top 2.Com and.Net, indicating that.Org is increasingly popular in the world, registering new.Com and.Net domain names become more and more difficult is part of the reason. (Chen Guo) read more

When the nternet plus entertainment in capital six room 2 billion 600 million to the Songcheng Acad

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Abstract: in fact, if only as an investor, see six rooms and Songcheng performing these two enterprises, combined with the current "Internet plus" trend, want to pull them together? Six rooms now good profit, but for the greater development, the need of money.

"my feet shoes 16 yuan a pair, look at my dress, I don’t spend what money. But when I went to Hangzhou for the first time to see Huang Qiaoling Huang, I will tell you the truth, is the money to you."

March 21st, with 2 billion 600 million yuan transactions are on the six rooms in the teeth of the storm CEO Liu Yan, when talking about there called "six rooms sold 2 billion 600 million", he was very excited, but also a little angry. Liu Yan stressed that the six rooms did not sell, but joined the Songcheng performing arts. read more

The domain name is the number of days after the stop fence net on the 29 day return to normal

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domain name registrar for the new network to stop the domain name resolution 4 days later, on the afternoon of 29, the main fence domain name returned to normal access. Fence in the restoration of the site notice, the main domain name failure problem has been resolved. There may be some problems, such as login, but in the gradual recovery.

fence main domain to restore access to

According to the website of the Ministry of public relations Wu Qiuhong

, although the domain name to restore the use, but not stable. It is not clear why the main domain name was stopped, the reason will be announced after further verification. read more

Luxury website development bottleneck imminent transition

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recently, one of the ten major domestic luxury site Huha network named "on the infighting, 90% employees have resigned, the company explained, have replaced the CEO and is implementing the transformation. The incident caused widespread concern in the industry, industry insiders say it reflects from one aspect of the domestic luxury site grew rapidly but the maturity is not high in luxury site "transformation" is imminent, regardless of management methods and ways to purchase should be more formal. read more

National nternet nformation Office website user information has been investigated

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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 10

(Hua Chunyu, Zhao Wanwei) 10 reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, the number of user information was leaked events or some recent media reports circulated on the Internet, pay more attention to the Internet management department. Currently, the relevant facts have been identified by the public security organs, illegal personnel have been or will be severely punished according to law.

according to the spokesman, the recent investigation of the information disclosure of the main five. read more

Nora original sin referred to three ways of contributing pirated television stations will suffer dis

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[Abstract] called "Indoorsman artifact Nora spring after spending a few smooth, but in April 2014 suffered a catastrophe.

Tencent technology Jianping, April 26th, reported

was called the "Indoorsman artifact Nora spring after spending a few smooth, but in April 2014 suffered a catastrophe.

on the initiative to close the QVOD server Nora, clean up vulgar and pirated content less than a week, a large number of police officers to enter the Shenzhen headquarters Nora investigation, Nora Nora staff. There are rumors that Nora CTO, vice president of operations and two technologies were taken away. read more

The industry website has become the risk investment xiangbobo

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      sponsored by the Zhejiang provincial economic and Trade Commission, Chinese Electronic Commerce Association, held in Hangzhou Hi2000 and red Ding venture organized the 2007 Chinese industry website investment and Development Forum "on the front. The industry believes that the capital is becoming more and more active today, industry website is attracting more and more attention of venture capital institutions, venture capital has become the eyes of the meat and potatoes". read more

The beauty of figure three and a half years over 1 billion 100 million loss break into change normal

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Chinese financial network January 23rd news (reporter Liu Xiaofei Dan Zhengyu) as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Shenzhen Hong Kong through opening after the largest IPO, Mito company has attracted much attention since listing. Data show that in December 15, 2016 listed the MiTo company after 7 trading days gains 6 big line, the stock is down 12.53%. Although after a slight rebound, but as of January 18th closing price is still below the issue price, there are investors issued a pit father sigh.

as a result of the United States and the stock price stumble endlessly reasons, the industry generally believe that the company’s dismal fundamentals. Prospectus shows that since its inception in 2008, the cumulative loss of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan. Have to say, how to turn losses has become the most important issue in front of the u.s.. read more