What small investment projects worth paying attention to

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what is the most popular industry in China’s franchise industry? Food and beverage industry. With the accelerated pace of life and economic conditions improve, more and more people in the restaurant, so entrepreneurs took the huge market potential. In addition, the catering industry investment, an investment can be big or small, can operate independently, also be associated, join; two investment cycle is short, quick, just a few years time, will be able to complete the entire development process from a single store to do the chain, the rapid appreciation of the funds.

small business investment projects?

for small entrepreneurs, some small restaurants as long as the way to go, so business is booming. For example, breakfast shop, snack bar, drink bar, although a few dollars a bowl of noodles with smaller profit margins compared with one hundred yuan meal, but due to go the civilian route, close to people’s life and consumption level, so it has a broad mass base, a large market space.

why small catering business opportunities?

in recent years, from Hubei, Tujia sesame cake, like magic suddenly appeared in every corner of Shanghai, with alternative signs, kraft bags and hemp flavor characteristics attract consumers. Amazingly, "Tujia day add 5 to Clay oven rolls to 8 stores of the rate of expansion in some rail transit station, every 500 meters there is a shop Clay oven rolls.

it is understood that a "Tujia Clay oven rolls franchise, franchise fee of about 20 thousand yuan. Low threshold of entrepreneurship, income is quite good. According to the price of 2 yuan per cake to sell, sold a day of only 500, the profit of about $600 per day, the monthly income of more than $10 thousand. Because of this, attracting a large number of small entrepreneurs.

which small investment venture project is worthy of attention

tea shop, juice bar

in Shanghai, all the year round selling drinks non pearl milk tea. Today, holding a cup of warm pearl milk tea, while drinking and shopping people everywhere. Therefore, in the streets of Shanghai, "Jack", "three seconds," immediately "cool" and "yogurt" etc. to tea, juice as the direction of the small beverage store more and more. This shop is small investment, no technical difficulty, and a wide range of consumer groups, urban streets, schools, hospitals, parks, theaters, supermarkets can be set up shop operators. It is understood that the tea shop profit margins as high as 50%.

dessert house, Hamburg

dessert is now a kind of diet fashion, more fruit as raw material, both healthy and delicious, is attracting more and more consumers, especially by

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