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where there is a small lottery lottery shop, business unpopular, every day there are a large number of consumers in the store for consumption. This hot scene attracted the attention of franchisees. How about opening a lottery shop? In fact, I would like to invest in success, you can choose a variety of methods, together with the next study.

open, easy to apply to join the lottery shop. Because the welfare lottery is a welfare lottery management center, so all around to sponsor more stringent requirements, many city are by local management departments assigned, personal bid to belong to the county civil affairs departments, filling out the application…… Patience to wait for their approval; they want to see your surrounding environment and the flow of people, but also to see if you have a regular distribution sites. After inspection will sign a contract with you, and then training, finally a certificate is a sales license, so even if your shop open. Individual candidates, they will give priority to urban poor and laid-off workers.

Open lottery shop location is the key. Don’t choose good shop, in front of the cold nature, not to earn money. The best choice of residential areas, supermarkets and convenience stores 24 hours of service. Would like to open a shop, the central management staff to investigate the surrounding environment you shop to determine the flow of people, sales, local size is not important, two square meters is enough, but the location is very important. Where the traffic is large, the daily sales of three thousand or four thousand yuan, as well as the network was a day to buy a big fortune of $thirty thousand lottery.

here to talk about how to make money. Welfare lottery is also different everywhere, some places are 4%, some are the highest in Shanghai, the city is 7.2%, the national average is about 6%, about 7%. Now to help you counting, if you shop only 3 square meters, you and your assistant two people, according to the daily sales rate is probably 3 thousand yuan, it is 90 thousand yuan a month, your amount is 8%, then 7200 yuan per month, remove the rent, you can make a lot of money.

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