Yongzhou science women’s champion Wu Xiaoqian summed up high scores

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the same class, the same teacher, the same questions, some people can get a high score, and some may even have not reached the undergraduate line, which naturally has a certain reason. The Yongzhou college entrance examination this year scored points (687 points) first score, ranked the province’s science, the reasons for the various aspects of the eighteenth. Wu Xiaoqian summed up the following seven high school learning methods and experience, I hope the students are struggling to inspire and help.

my name is Wu Xiaoqian, is a fresh graduates in Dongan, this year’s college entrance examination (quality) to achieve the city’s naked points (687 points) the first score, ranked the province’s science, eighteenth, the reasons are manifold. I summed up the following seven high school learning methods and experience, I hope the students are struggling to inspire and help.

one, the foundation to play well. Many students in high school when I have such an idea – I play a year high, such as high school sophomore learning. In fact, this is wrong. Because learning is a gradual process, the beginning of learning is the so-called foundation, the foundation did not learn, then review, it will be very difficult, it will be easy to give up the idea of giving up. The two round of review, the students may according to the actual change your study plan, but in the new round of courses and review this specializing in basic stage, or to follow the pace of the teachers, so as to grasp the overall situation.

two, learning to concentrate. The effective learning time is 11 hours a day, but in fact the time of each class in high school has been reached, so the reason why there will be a high score, a large part is determined by the concentration of. Some students seem very hard in reading every day, but always scores do not, because they are the distraction. In fact, if the use of good time every day to arrange the school time, and then add their own overtime, the results will naturally improve.

three, do solid. When I was in high school, I felt the most is that some of the things you can do, but still do wrong. Later it was discovered that the original reflection, I think this will be a kind of problem, we may look at the skip, and then do we often say that "yangaoshoudi". So, even if it is a simple problem, there is still the value of doing, but in recent years, the college entrance exam is not very difficult, so the basic problem can not be lost points.

in addition, at the beginning of the study, I will adhere to a principle – can do wrong, but absolutely can not guess. Know it, but also know its so. Even if the answer is correct, it is meaningless. Because only you are wrong, in order to have a deep memory, in order to ensure the next encounter similar problems.

four, learn to think independently. Usually in the study of confusion, I generally do not easily ask the teacher, but will try their best to think, but in the hard thinking

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