Huarong Pu silver case in Beijing court involved up to 5 billion 500 million

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Internet era, many companies use the Internet to develop their own, so that their strength has been growing. Yesterday, the largest case of illegal fund-raising in Beijing, Huarong Huarong silver case in Beijing Chaoyang Court trial. Reporters learned that the case involved up to 5 billion 500 million, involving more than 3000 investors.

: the prosecutor accused the defendant Jiang Quansheng together with the defendant Dong Zhanhai silver Huarong company was established in February 2012, and is responsible for the management of the company; the defendant Jiang Quansheng together with the defendant Wei Wei, Dong Zhanhai Huarong Puyin company was established in September 2012, and is responsible for the management of the company. The defendant Li Ming since September 2013, when it served as vice chairman of the Department of the company holding company to Huarong yin’an, Huarong Puyin company, is responsible for management of the two companies.

The defendant Jiang Quansheng, Wei Wei

, Dong Zhanhai Li Ming, from February 2012 to May 2014, during the silver Huarong company, Huarong Puyin company, has the instruction alone or together, as the company’s marketing department manager of the defendant Lu Zhiyin, Wang Sheng, Bai Yan, Qiu Junfeng et al., located in Beijing, Chaoyang District No. 19 East Third Ring North Road and Jing Guang Center two companies operating in other places, with two companies to invest in the new airport logistics, Shandong Expressway (5.430, -0.02, -0.37%) highway project needs funds on the grounds, commitment to the currency the interest return and annual investment return rate of 8% to 15%, to the public propaganda, disguised absorbing more than 3000 of investors’ money, audited. A total of 55 million yuan.

believes that the public prosecution, the defendant Jiang Quansheng, Wei Wei, Dong Zhanhai, Li Ming as a unit directly responsible person in charge, the defendant Lu Zhiyin, Bai Yan, Wang Sheng, Qiu Junfeng as the persons who are directly responsible units, ignore national laws, in violation of state regulations, disguised deposits from the public, disrupting financial order, a huge amount, their behavior had constituted illegal absorption public deposit crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated.

Huarong Cape silver case after the court in Beijing, involving up to 5 billion 500 million. This involves a large number of people, but also led to a lot of victims. In the face of such illegal fund-raising behavior, the relevant units in a timely manner to investigate and deal with illegal acts, given the proper legal punishment.

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