From 700 yuan to billionaire metamorphosis

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not all successful entrepreneurs are the high costs, some people use a little bit of money to create a miracle, this is the protagonist with only 700 dollars in net worth billions of dollars and then finally started, inspirational story, with the view of.

every time Zhang Qingjie drove through Shennan Road, Shenzhen Bookstore Building, will always take a look at the building. "That was my first stop in Shenzhen. In 1987, this is still a small hillside, I lived on a hillside in an abandoned cement tile roofed house, has been living for two years."

now serves as chairman of the Lok house, Zhang Qingjie, Shenzhen in 80s of last century to start from scratch. 18 years later, Zhang Qingjie just came to live in Shenzhen on the hillside, has long been a tall building, he also from the rural poor man in the year, became a billionaire sitting on the billionaire’s wealth. When his car — a general jingling old bicycle, also became the latest Conditions are becoming better and better., the BMW seven series. Nevertheless, mention the old bike that year, Zhang Qingjie still deep memory. The story begins with the old bike.

started from scratch

cycling cost seven hundred

"this old bicycle was the most valuable property in the family." Zhang Qingjie recalled the distress when I first came to Shenzhen, have mixed feelings.

1968, Zhang Qingjie was born in Chaoyang County, Gangtou village. "That is a place where even porridge can not eat enough, less than four per capita." As the boss at home, Zhang Qingjie just finished primary school drop out to sell fruit to supplement household. 1987 Spring Festival, listen to the village people go out to work, said the money is relatively good in Shenzhen, so less than 20 year old Zhang Qing Jie bid farewell to his family, set foot on the road to the gold rush in Shenzhen.

on the way to Shenzhen, and I agreed with the partners, and so earn fifty thousand dollars, went back to build a house! Because in my hometown, building a house about three, or about forty thousand." In this way, holding a house of lofty ideals, Zhang Qingjie and his companions in the present Shenzhen bookstore on the hillside, rented a former army abandoned a cement tile.

at the hands of only Zhang Qingjie, is an old bike and sell fruit to earn 700 yuan, in addition to nothing.

had to, Zhang Qingjie in Shenzhen back to the old line – selling fruit. To the depths of the second day at 5 in the morning, he stepped on the bike for about three hours, to Nantou to take the banana to the people’s bridge small commodity market. "Every time I carry 100 to 200 pounds of bananas, however, a lot of bananas in Shenzhen are ripe for medication, can not wait for the next two days will be broken. Initially because do not understand the market, almost every day there are many recommendations

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