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to twenty-first Century, people pay more and more attention to cultural heritage, those five thousand years of cultural treasures, it is worth the attention of modern people. Among them, the local opera has been welcomed by many people, including Suzhou’s Kunqu Opera is not only the elderly, but also popular among young people, which is a very good phenomenon, conducive to cultural heritage and carry forward.

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opera into the campus;

every Monday to Friday at 1:30 pm, located in Jiangsu, Guanqian Street, Qin LAN hall, the classic Opera repertoire staged one by one, the audience are all students. Followed by the interactive link, the children learn to sing a few words with the young actor, participate in quiz to win a small gift, the atmosphere relaxed.

2007, Suzhou launched the "Kunqu Opera for students in the public performance of universal engineering". Every student in Suzhou city can watch more than one Kunqu Opera in a year. Over the past ten years, the project performed a total of more than 1000 screenings, more than 30 students watched the Kunqu opera performances, listening to the introduction of relevant knowledge. The project by the Suzhou Municipal Finance pay, trying to get the "origin of Kunqu in young people in the" popular ".

meet: meet with young life

11 year old Yang You, standing on the stage of the country’s eighteenth stage of the drama of the small plum blossom finals, of confidence, two eyes sparkling.

spread the word in Kunqu Opera: male fear of "night flight", women are afraid to "Si Fan". But it is by virtue of the "Si Fan", won the drama of the small plum blossom award, Yang You. Kunqu nurtured the child, so that she was born again, has nurtured 14 small plum, the guidance of Xu Xu, with the teacher, watching the top of the stage can not help but wet eyes.

Yang gifted with an unknown family story. Parents have died due to serious illness and car accident, Yang You has been living with her stepmother. "At that time, the child was very introverted, the hair covered almost half of the eyes, always hiding behind other children." Xu Yuntong told reporters.

two years ago, Yang You is located in Kunshan City Qiandeng center primary school to organize students to participate in "Kunqu Opera into the campus". Exquisite choreography, beautiful singing, gentle movements deeply grasp the child’s heart. After returning to school, she proposed to enroll in a small school Kunqu Opera troupe.

Xu Yuntong, the charm of Kunqu Opera fascination and Yang through hard training, quickly became one of the best performers in the school, "she later put in front of the long fringe cut, the eyes are really beautiful!"

in addition to Yang You, the charm of Kunqu is also nurturing more children. 2007, Su recommend

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