A few good projects for small businesses

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some people want to start, but no prior business experience, there is no strong capital, small business insurance is the most well, can minimize the risk in this way, general small business profit space is not large, but can puerile, for beginners is a very good start the idea of what a small business project is better?

personal entrepreneurship small project one: specialty restaurants

catering industry due to the low investment threshold, strong outbreak, has been greatly welcomed by entrepreneurs. Catering industry experts believe that the current stage is still quite profitable to do food and beverage projects, entrepreneurs can give priority to the choice. For the first time entrepreneurs, can start from a small catering business, the gradual accumulation of experience and capital, and gradually become bigger and stronger enterprises. In particular, some of the characteristics of the current category of snacks, a good project with reasonable operation, will be a very good choice for entrepreneurship!

personal entrepreneurship small project two: health care products store

According to

, an industry source, a factory price of 12 yuan worth of medicine, 40 of sales price, then the price 28 yuan of money in circulation cost about 7 yuan to 15 yuan, and the so-called "circulation cost" is the most rebate, that is to say, the price of 30% to 40% for rebate. In the high price of drugs to denounce the sound, some parity pharmacies in the country everywhere.

some parity pharmacies to lower than the average retail price of 45% approved sales price. However, even if the price of 45%, can still be profitable, you can imagine the extent of drug retail profits. In addition, with the Chinese knowledge level and expenditure level, more and more concern for health, in recent years, health care products market prospects, especially in the holidays, health care products sales soared, are "money king" good business direction.

personal entrepreneurship project three: Pet Photo Gallery

pet has become a member of the family to some extent, and the pet art as the price has been refreshed, even expensive baby art photos". Investment of about 20 square meters of pavement, a simple studio and photographic equipment can be. The position near the parks, public square and pet hospital, in order to "excuse me". Personal conditions, in addition to excellent technology, but also must understand the knowledge related to pets, know each of their most valuable parts of the body, and even to know the skeleton of most pets.

single photo price can be between 30 to 60 yuan, an album price can be set at $200 to $1000. At the same time you can also consider the photos printed on the cup, or put into the key. Promotion, the beginning of the intention of the customer can send a few photos free of charge, but also through the pet website and customer reputation recommend

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