Green decoration detonated business opportunities

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with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and enhance the awareness of all aspects of modern people are very focused on health and environmental protection decoration decoration, which also makes a lot of investors took a fancy to the business opportunities. But for such a new industry, there are a lot of environmental decoration is not very understanding, the following Xiaobian to give you a specific explanation.

a, environmental protection and low carbon concept

home improvement and low-carbon environmental protection is not the same thing, there is no direct contact. Low carbon is to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the greenhouse effect and environmental protection, indoor decoration mainly refers to chemical, physical and microbiological contamination, these are not what contact with low carbon, low carbon and environmental protection with indoor Never mind.

two, spend a lot of decoration is not necessarily environmentally friendly

decoration is not a high price, high quality, pollution is small. Overall, although there is a certain rationality, but sometimes, the manufacturer will use consumer psychology to raise prices, misleading consumers, resulting in a high price, high quality environmental protection phenomenon. Even if the price of some products is high, it is indeed a good value for money, but the reason is not necessarily because of pollution is small, it is likely due to the high cost of materials, high prices, and these are not necessarily linked to environmental protection. In general, the use of pure wood furniture made of pollution will be smaller. The main cause of indoor environmental pollution is a composite material plate, such as fiberboard, MDF, etc., may not be a high price of the plate does not produce pollution. So when the purchase of environmentally friendly materials, can not look at the price level, still want to go to the authority for testing.

should pay attention to a lot of environmentally friendly materials superimposed together is not necessarily a lot of people think that environmental protection, decoration for each process in the material, including furniture and a variety of soft decoration to buy, are in line with national standards, after the completion of the whole decoration, indoor air quality can meet environmental standards, this is a big misunderstanding in environmental protection. Although the material environmental protection standard matching and indoor air quality standards, but the space is limited, even if the materials are environmentally friendly, added together, also may lead to environmental protection exceed the standard, this situation can not be ignored. 100 square meters of the house and the house of 30 square meters, in the decoration of the environmental standards, should be different, so as to ensure environmental protection.

three, environmental protection does not mean there is no volatile

it is generally believed that environmental protection is not the release of volatile gases. In fact, in addition to volatile gas, indoor environmental pollution caused by factors and radioactive substances, such as doping materials, foundation of industrial waste soil, natural granite, although there is no volatile gases, but could release radioactive material, causing pollution of the indoor environment. Therefore, the authority should be tested.


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