Former vice president of Baidu Yu Jun predicted that this year will be the focus of food and beverag

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if you want to succeed in business, it is necessary to step by step to find market opportunities, which is the secret of Yu Jun’s success. It is understood that the former vice president of Baidu Yu Jun joined the domestic O2O food procurement platform chef network, not only to help the start-up company to build the super class products and technologies, research on the food supply chain data, becomes part of his daily work.

"the origin of the traditional industry is actually more sensitive. They know that to change the food supply chain behind, we must rely on the power of the internet. Especially the city through the circulation of agricultural products in the last mile, the field of imagination will be great, "said Yu Jun, the chef network’s goal is to rely on the mobile Internet and big data, improve the food purchasing and distribution link efficiency, help catering enterprises to reduce cost, improve the quality of service.

in the U.S. market, the food supply chain market leader Sysco annual turnover of $44 billion 400 million, occupy 25% of the market share. But in Chinese, although China catering industry annual revenues of more than 3 trillion yuan, food procurement amounted to 800 billion yuan, because the intermediate channel link is too long, too many losses, the food supply chain field does not appear a large well-known enterprises.

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