Four trends in the future development of cosmetics market

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in the cosmetics consumer market, the Chinese market has been showing great tolerance, the annual consumer demand for more and more foreign cosmetics brands optimistic about the development of the Chinese market road. For domestic cosmetics investors, the cosmetics industry has absolute investment prospects. Before investing in cosmetics, the following four trends worth learning.

1, brand development trend

2, consumer demand for product trends

with a variety of industry events "emerge in an endless stream," recover the original simplicity "is becoming a trend, YISHION natural animal and plant as the main" green cosmetics "," pure natural cosmetics "," environmental protection cosmetics "will become the first choice of consumers of cosmetics on the market.

3, channel development trend

2005-2007,   is Chinese cosmetics market; "new channel" stage of development, the attitude of gram as the representative of the international brand and the local brand China inroads into the shops, boutique shops, chain store has become a new bright spot channel. At the same time, also led to franchise stores, boutique franchise stores, franchise stores, such as the new channel competition reached white hot degree.

4, product development trends

described above is the cosmetics market in the future development of four major trends, grasp industry trends, more clearly the direction of management also entrepreneurs in the cosmetics business. Not only to invest in the cosmetics industry needs to grasp the trend, other industries are no exception, so entrepreneurs in the investment decisions before the best understanding of the trend of fancy industry overview.

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