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may be a consumer psychology of every consumer, "cheap" has become a matter of countless customers will do. For this reason, businesses and customers are often on the opposite side. However, in many cases, we might as well make our customers take advantage of the price, which will be very beneficial to the development of our business.

, for example, customers buy vegetables habitually stripped off those not enough fresh leaves, nuts taste before you buy buy love. The merchant is very inconsistent with this small account of the behavior, so the dispute is not uncommon.

this kind of thing, which side seems to be justified. But as a business, if handled badly, it is likely to affect customer satisfaction and turnover rate.

I think, as operators, in the face of the customer’s behavior should be rational, even if the customer practices defective, can not directly blame the customer, especially when other customers, otherwise the loss not only a single business.

from another point of view, the establishment of the relationship between buyers and sellers, and sometimes it is also dependent on this interest. Marketing theory has a point of view: in the course of the purchase of goods, the customer is sometimes not to buy cheap, but the "cheap" mentality. The truth is worth considering.

is a cheap consumer psychology, consumers can get a sense of satisfaction, thereby affecting the rate of return. Smart businesses tend to take advantage of this mentality, because they know that the sale of a small profit, many times to bring long-term business.

insight into this consumer psychology, in the daily business, the business will have more promotion of the starting point.

, for example, timely discount. There is a comparative advantage – the same price, high value, the customer feels that there is a cheap can be accounted for; the same value, low prices, consumers will like. So, a retail store to compete with others, on the other hand also with their ratio, on the basis of reasonable promotion period, promotional merchandise at a reasonable discount to stimulate consumption, and promote the sales of other goods.

for example, prepare some gifts. Some customers are more concerned about small gifts or gifts, especially for the elderly and children, the extra harvest will be satisfied with them. It should be noted that gifts or small gifts can be worthless, but can not be ignored because of cheap quality, to be unique, inexpensive.

, for example, give more or less. In the sale of fruits and vegetables or rice like commodities, to a little more than a fraction of the final price, or give a little more scale when, small move customers will look in the eyes, in mind.

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