End of the year 8 of the hotel labor shortage shortage of manpower into the catering industry

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has less than a month to celebrate the new year, the restaurant industry has gradually ushered in the peak season of consumption. However, so many bosses headache labor shortage still exists. In order to deal with the end of labor shortage, many hotels start early recruiting". Reporters visited the past few days found that the provincial capital of many restaurants and hotels are posted in the front of the recruitment of advertising, from chefs, waiters to cleaners are listed in the recruitment.

advertisement Mandaijie size of the hotel are short of

"attendant, pay 2000 yuan -2500 yuan; processing staff, salary 2300 yuan -3000 yuan, guanchiguanzhu." "The attendant (female) number, a monthly salary of 2200 yuan -2800 yuan, 18 -38 years old; cook 1, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan -2800 yuan, 18 -45 years old; some fish industry, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan -2800 yuan, 18 -35 years old; a number of working hours per hour, 8 yuan -15 yuan. 18 -35 years old." "Looking for waiters, cashiers, pantry, a la carte, salary negotiable……"

1 7, the reporter saw in the mountain road, the road on both sides of large and small hotel posted recruitment notices, meet the eye everywhere in front of the door, nearly ten hotels have eight people in. These Hotel positions, from the front door into the kitchen, from the chef to the waiter, from the cashier to a la carte, almost every job vacancy. Some recruitment advertisements indicate salary while others specify the post salary, and Guanchiguanzhu information etc..

"here we lack the kitchen." A fish shop manager Mr. Bao told reporters that the hotel lobby and kitchen will require a total of 11 people, and now only 9 people in place, still missing two.

"the waiter said, near the school more, can temporary recruitment of students to do part-time work, but can not cook, must have long-term recruitment work some work experience." Powell said the manager, the fish store Houchu every day to kill the fish, generally short-term temporary workers can do this job, to long-term recruitment can not cook.

near another size slightly larger hotel, the door also posted a recruitment advertisement, responsible person Ms. Zhang told reporters, the hotel is the lack of the waiter.

"young people do not live, some only a few months, doing doing away, but also re recruitment." Ms. Zhang told reporters, here to the attendant recruitment conditions are not high, generally under the age of 40, you can work neatly, but even this has always shorthanded.

At the end of

"we start from December last year to start to prepare." The provincial capital of Luo Jian

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