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many friends have chosen to partner with a friend to start a business, you want to start a partnership, you first have to draft a partnership agreement, which is helpful for your future business. So, for a first-time business friends, how to draft a partnership agreement? Specific how to write? Let’s take a look.


1, the basic situation of enterprises mainly include "enterprise name", "address", etc..

2, "partnership purposes", "scope of business", "operating period" as the future development of the enterprise operation planning must write the partnership agreement and development direction as the agreement agreed by all the partners.


it is a key partner in the partnership agreement, we especially equity allocation concerns should also be made clear in this piece to give, includes the following elements:

1, partner information: the name of each partner, identity card number (should be accompanied by a copy of the identity card), effective service, etc. should be stated in the agreement. This is a partner of the basic identity information, a lot of people when talking about cooperation often overly concerned with business information and ignore the subject, if can in the main possible way to refine the state, and can be determined to do a "due diligence", but also can avoid a lot of potential future risk.

2, equity distribution: this one is mainly based on the main partners, the distribution of a variety of modes, the market also has a wide variety of allocation plan for the partner reference. Specific model according to the nature of the enterprise and management mode and the specific situation to decide. This is only a stock design is a complex project, it is the top-level design company, good for the future development of the company equity structure can avoid a lot of unnecessary detours, and often in the design of equity when companies set up should be carefully considered, it is not like ordinary commodities can be traded directly, equity share the adjustment and the vital interests of entrepreneurs, in other words "equity is not you want to buy, want to sell can sell". Therefore, in terms of equity, multi consulting experts in this area, senior is very necessary.

3, investment and investment period: "the way of contribution has eased many company law", the abolition of the minimum requirements of the old method of cash investment, new technology investment ratio can even reach as high as 100%, which is very beneficial for the new technology venture company. The agreement among the partners is clear, and in what manner the investment is made, and the time limit for the investment shall be stated in the agreement.

4, the distribution of income, loss sharing and partnership debts: the enterprise is to be profitable in operation, profit after profit distribution, whether how distribution should be written partnership agreement; secondly, there is the risk of profit is a loss, if the losses of the enterprise, how much money, how to share between the partners in this part of the loss should be written partnership agreement; in addition, the partnership enterprise.

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