Beijing business how to join Hot pot DongLaiShun

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who knows now the best choice for venture capital to join this kind of agent, because time and effort, so you can put your heart into the food and beverage business. For example, food and beverage to join the election of what makes a good project. It depends on what the people like food, delicious taste of the delicious food, but also should have other characteristics. DongLaiShun Hot pot is because of its characteristics of attention, now the brand has been popular! The choice of business DongLaiShun join, with its characteristics of product and brand effect will usher in a hot business!

Beijing DongLaiShun Hot pot to join?

in the taste, DongLaiShun Hot pot has its own characteristics. Its characteristics Hot pot do not take the unusual route, dedicated to the "inheritance, classic, health, quality" business philosophy to taste delicacy, let the customer in the shop to eat DongLaiShun meet the consumer demand more suitable dishes in the dining environment; to make super customers can be more affordable DongLaiShun characteristics of products to the family table, so that more consumers can enjoy the delicacy donglaishun.

and the development of a range of support, help partners to expand career DongLaiShun, before the opening of the headquarters of DongLaiShun help you save the cost, reduce the business risk. In practice, the headquarters of DongLaiShun to help you design the program, to enhance the competitiveness of the brand. After the opening, DongLaiShun headquarters to help you Follow-Up Services, unified market planning!

addition, and the elite team, let Hot pot outlets may join DongLaiShun characteristics well strengthen the brand effect, and provide technical guidance to the training system of lifelong development, security cooperation operator more DongLaiShun, bring better development prospects. Headquarters will provide a unified distribution support, including raw materials, special DongLaiShun DongLaiShun special equipment to ensure profitability, worry free!

Beijing DongLaiShun Hot pot how to join? DongLaiShun joining process:

1, joining the party put forward to join the application, and fill out the "application form" to join DongLaiShun

2, chartered headquarters to join the party to provide "conditions", "DongLaiShun franchise franchise" DongLaiShun restaurant guide

3, join the franchise headquarters to submit the required materials

4, after the initial approval of the headquarters of the material, was invited to conduct field visits

5, franchise headquarters to join the party to assess and approve

6, franchise headquarters on behalf of the group company and the franchisee signed a letter of intent to join

7, join the franchise headquarters to pay the franchise fee, margin


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