Chicken shop should follow suit

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Chinese people generally have a psychological, which is to follow suit, whether it is their own consumption, or venture capital. It is precisely because of this trend, many people’s investment in the final failure. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that the chicken shop should follow suit.

chicken shop is just like a gust of wind? Chicken shop to make money? Zhengzhou municipal labor security training and Employment Guidance Center trainer Chen Hansheng said, chicken shops blossom everywhere, and "follow suit" phenomenon. See a make money, someone killed in, the key is the technology of these projects, capital threshold is not high."

that how to choose entrepreneurship projects? "We hope that entrepreneurs must do a preliminary investigation, and then select the project, do not blindly." Chen Hansheng said, a lot of entrepreneurs to see other people make money, they follow the trend of the shop, the same business, others do make money, you may not be profitable."

, especially for those who have never had entrepreneurial experience, this is indeed a very critical issue, because the wrong choice will lead to entrepreneurial failure.

Chen Hansheng teachers believe that the success of a business project to determine whether the most important criteria is to see whether the project has characteristics. The so-called "characteristics" is not a vague concept, it includes several features:

Innovation: project must be novel, is the market is not saturated, still have can open up the field, has its own unique "selling point"; professional: good project will have certain professional knowledge of content, can in many projects stand out long-term;: even if some projects may now be in the market is not very popular, but the project will be able to win in the long-term interests, can stand the test of time.

own investment in the end what kind of business should be done, it is necessary to investigate the nature of the market, only the real business needs of the business, such a business can be a long time. And if it is just a behavior to follow suit, the industry will be very fierce competition, leading to long-term. So, if you want a chicken shop, should follow suit.

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