Don’t miss the autumn auction in Xiamen

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in our daily life for the auction word is not unfamiliar, is the so-called "highest bidder", is through the auction of the way out. 2016 Xiamen poly autumn auction will be held on November 3rd to 5 in Xiamen Rui Yi Hotel preview and Juchui on November 6th. This season the auction will include Chinese antique curios, China paintings, contemporary art, antiques, jewelry watches and western western wines wine five special, take over a thousand pieces of goods.

this autumn auction, Chinese and China antique curios plate painting is still the highlight of Xiamen poly, will launch a "xuanlan – important works" concert, including the lack of appearance of "Qing glaze Sanyangkaitai statue of Yong Zheng and Qianlong enamel imitation Ru Tianyuandifang bottle gourd" Jack products, and Qi Baishi "little sparrow", "Wisteria", Huang Binhong the most favorable auspices "Qianshan scenery" of the famous Miao ink, there are "small willow hall" Tibetan painting fan of five masterpieces of Ming and Qing Dynasties, including Dong Qichang, Wang Duo, Huang Daozhou, Wang Duo, Zou Zhilin and other calligraphy works and landscape works, famous precious hands.

in the contemporary art of small special, famous Taiwan artist Zhu Ming "Tai Chi" series as the representative, will be launched early, including Taiwan sculptor Yang Yingfeng Fujian art master Chen Wenling and other masters, a series of contemporary sculpture, Fujian area is the first sculpture as an important sector of modern and contemporary art.

life if you are interested in something, then it is not easy to buy in the market, might as well go to the auction site to see, maybe you can choose what you want. Recently, poly autumn auction in Xiamen some of the exhibits have been in Xiamen Henghe seven is still the T6 gallery and Zhangzhou janfa Avon double seal the preview, attracted the majority of collectors and enthusiasts to enjoy. Xiamen 2016 autumn auction will be held from November 3rd to 5, interested friends can not forget the time oh!

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