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food and beverage is a very important thing, there are a lot of things need to pay attention to, saying that there is no intention to fall into the trap may be willing to fall. Each franchisee choose and join the time, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

first, the franchisor’s main qualification

prior to signing the contract to confirm whether the franchisor for the enterprise, if it is outside the enterprise or other units or individuals, franchisees may at any time request termination of cooperation and the right to report to the competent authorities in charge of the illegal facts. In addition, the franchisee should be more detailed understanding of the headquarters of the franchise is real, whether there are flaws, such as whether the trademark registration, whether the Department of foreign brands, etc..

second, "the two store a year" qualification

according to the law, franchiser to meet "has at least 2 stores, and operate more than 1 years", does not lead to contract the franchisor does not have the "two stores a year", but means that the franchisor may lack the ability to provide mature management mode. To provide a mature business model to the franchisee, product quality assurance, training and promotion of enterprise, is not conducive to the subsequent operations from the franchise headquarters to get the support.

third, site selection and authorized geographical range

in the choice of store address, the franchisee and franchisor is best to y communicate and confirm, on the one hand, as the headquarters of the franchisor in the general location of more experience, on the other hand, sometimes due to the brand positioning and unified planning and management, have certain requirements of the franchisor franchisee stores shop address, so in determining the store address should be y communicate.

also joined the way for general join join and constructions of regional, if it is a single shop to join the franchisee can only open a shop in the concession area, if the area to join the franchisee can shop in the licensed area, not limited to a number of sides agreed to set up shop.

fourth, the duration of the franchise contract

the franchisee shall pay attention to the franchise contract period (i.e. authorized operation period) can not be too short, because the investment cost recovery and profit would need time and a certain period, if the authorized operating period is too short, so after the expiration of the time limit will not be able to join cooperation, whether the conditions of cooperation will continue to change there is uncertainty, so as to guarantee the reasonable management and investment cycle, the contract for more than 3 years in general, franchise regulations also stipulates the contract concession period shall be no less than 3 years, unless the franchisee is agreed.

fifth, fees and charges

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