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catering has its inevitability since ancient times, because it is the inevitable demand in our daily life. The existence of each project because of its market demand, the market will naturally need to fill it. Take dessert, from the survival needs, this is a dispensable consumer goods, but rise to a certain level of people’s pursuit of life, it is not necessary in the necessary products. Therefore, in accordance with this view, a good investment prospects for the dessert market, below we recommend a few good dessert investment projects.

[fresh taro cents]

fresh taro cents: dessert experts from Taiwan, Xian Xian Xian Xian adhering to the four major brands: adhere to the use of natural ingredients; adhere to food hygiene and safety; adhere to the traditional ancient taste; adhere to fresh, cooked, now sell. Inherited the traditional taste of table desserts and other features, showing a rich variety of modern taste delicate dessert, with a retro fashion sense of store design, loved by consumers.


] Mochi sweets

Mochi sweets in Japan, and the need to have a variety of fruit master kneading technology and modulation of meat stuffing experience, in the continuous development, in order to make one as works of art like rich taste level Japanese dessert. The child, UTI Mochi, and is a kind of fruit. It was one of the luxuries of the nobility and the merchant. Pay attention to color, smell and taste, also pay attention to the rhythm of the seasons, in different seasons, choose the color, shape and texture of the container collocation, carey designed to create the perfect Japanese Mochi dessert.

[Yang Xiaoxian dessert]

Yang Xiaoxian, health chain dessert "handmade" Yang Xiaoxian "brand to highlight the characteristics of pure handmade healthy dessert", the ingenious combination of traditional techniques and modern technology will be the source of the dessert in the middle of the last century in Taiwan, to promote market. Store brands adopt the fresh design style, warm home dining together with a scientific and reasonable way of sale counter, of young, happy, leisure mood, is dating couples, friends, places of choice leisure consumption, store image art fresh atmosphere, light and warm, let a person feel good to hear or see, from the visual psychology on.

[fruit fishing]

kissmango. is the fruit fishing Shang restaurant group (Dalian) Limited company of management of market after 2 years of careful observation, comparative study of Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan and Southeast Asia and other regions and fruit diet culture advocating national business philosophy and style of creation of fruit theme restaurant concepts, by the company to build, opened the first store grand in Dalian in July 2008, and achieved great success.

[Fragrance Hill dessert]

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