The introduction of Dalian airport nine yuan aviation adds new route

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people travel nature cannot do without transportation, and long-distance travel, people will naturally take into account the plane with the plane, you can let the passenger travel easier, has become the focus of public attention, is more popular. Dalian Airport recently introduced a new airline, the number of routes will increase.

nine yuan airlines as a low-cost airline, Dalian airport from the market demand, to meet the different needs of different travelers. The opening of the Dalian – Wuxi – Guangzhou, Dalian – Guiyang two routes, Dalian and Wuxi, Guangzhou, Guiyang, the first low-cost route between the three places, further subdivision of the aviation market.

nine yuan Airlines is the forty-sixth airlines in Dalian airport, the third airlines in 2017 is also the introduction of the new Dalian airport, January Dalian airport has introduced Vietnam Airlines opened Dalian – Nha Trang route, Qingdao Airlines opened Dalian – Yantai route. By increasing the air introduction of efforts to improve the route layout, January Dalian airport passenger throughput and the number of flights both exceeded two digit growth, the number of flights in January for the first time in history to break the million vehicles, the 2017 opener. The Spring Festival is over half, as of February 8th, during the spring of Dalian airport transport passengers 1 million 110 thousand passengers, 9400 flights taking off and landing vehicles, an increase of 12% and 11%, airport transportation and production continued to maintain a good momentum of rapid growth.

in the upcoming summer season, targeted, precise force to Dalian airport, to maximize the development of the aviation market, continue to increase efforts to bring the airline plans to introduce new, Guilin airlines, Tibet airlines and other airlines, new Manila, Phuket, Zhangjiajie, Lijiang and other domestic and international shipping point waypoints, continue to enhance the accessibility of the airport, to create a rich tourism products, providing a variety of choices for visitors.

in Dalian during the Spring Festival, people choose to travel more and more, nature will pay attention to the airlines, Dalian airport and the introduction of nine yuan aviation, providing more convenience for people’s travel, worthy of attention, the opening of new routes, can let the Dalian people go out to choose more widely.

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