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once the customer satisfaction, it is easy to mouth, so that shops spread rapidly on the development of business will naturally very favorable. Therefore, the satisfaction of customers is our best advertising. However, how to make customer satisfaction? This requires services, good pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

as a service "to"

in fact, there is no marketing trick on the world, as long as the point is to do the trick! Others did not think of it, you do you are the boss!

is the most basic service when the customer comes, we warmly welcome, and pour a cup of water or a cup of tea, so that customers feel that we respect and attention to them. Allow customers to sit down and talk again, closer to the customer and reduce the strangeness. Even if customers do not buy, will also consider the door again. Therefore, let the customer moved first from respect for customers! In order to attract the interests of customers, to the customer service to retain customers!

to serve stable customer

stability is the most important customer in the sale of customers, so that customers in the middle of the run, resulting in sales halfway, which is reflected in the service! Maintaining customers is the focus of service.

service personnel to do, answer, two, take care of the three, do not neglect any one customer! The so-called "one, two, three a care" means, in the reception of a customer when the customer if there is also called "waiter", also want to be able to quickly response; then, if the next customer needs service, also need to take care of their feelings. Usually stable customers can rely on some small gifts to complete, with some small gifts to the interests of the temptation to attract customers to participate in the initiative to participate in the program, help to improve the success of the activities and customer satisfaction.

to service soliciting

satisfied customer is the best advertisement! Nearly 100% of satisfied customers can become repeat customers! Business is good or not depends on the number of repeat customers. Some people say: if you can reduce the churn rate of 5%, will be able to increase the profit of 25% to 85%, if you want to win the victory of marketing, one is the attitude of service, the quality of the product is the two, the last is the product price. What customers care about most is your attitude towards service and what problems they can solve." In other words, the loss of customers do not lose, customers do not look back, mainly to see whether the service is good or bad, in order to pull back service.

to guest soliciting

marketing is the highest realm: to "guest" soliciting. This is the ultimate goal of our service. To put it plainly, that is, the old customers to pull new customers to enhance the reputation among customers, let

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