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pie to invest in the selection of the king of this brand. So what about this brand? What are the conditions? How to join it? See the following details:

Weihai Jing Ren catering Co. Ltd. is the Jing Ren pie as the flagship product, learn from the Chinese traditional diet culture, the integration of Western fast food concept, green food, health food as the goal, Chinese fast-food chain organization dedicated to the development of the price of civilians, quality standardization, modernization of management, brand internationalization.

company adopts the international advanced management system catering for strict management of food processing and service, with its fashionable style of decoration, elegant dining environment and first-class service and excellent food products has become a major highlight of the industry. In a short time, has successy developed Jing Ren pie shop, Weihai Qilu Plaza Hotel, Shidao shop, ancient village shop, shop, shop, hometown of bright Ji’nan Huaiyin shop and many other stores and a more than 5 thousand square metre Royal source with center.

king of the pie to join the condition:

1, the trust of the brand influence.

2, the corporate culture and business philosophy and business model.

3, with a certain economic strength, to meet the requirements of the start-up capital stores.

4, able to accept the headquarters of a unified management model, and actively respond to the headquarters of the continuous technical upgrading and service training.

5, honest and trustworthy, sincere cooperation, have a good sense of teamwork.

6, have a good business site, and through the headquarters of the field assessment.

7, agrees to enter into the contract of cooperation, and accept the rights and obligations stipulated in the contract.

king of the pie to join the process:

1, page message consulting

2, in-depth interview appointment time with the manager, to visit the king of the store, visit

3, to apply for an in-depth discussion of the application form

4, assessment of the headquarters of the franchise store for professional site survey qualification

5, officially joined the signing of the contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract to enjoy the rights and obligations of

6, pre opening preparation design, decoration, personnel training

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