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of course, from the point of view of our consumers, as long as the business intentions to do their own products, we will be able to do your loyal consumers. But in the merchant’s point of view, they want to reduce their cost of sales, product quality can not be guaranteed. Even if the high cost of doing good things, but you will lose the price of mass consumer groups, do not lose. This paradox is common. But Xiao Bian think the beverage sector can not be the same, and then how to say that the cost of drinks will not be too high, hard to do a good job of products. For example.

due to the Southeast Asia is located in the vicinity of the equator, the relationship between rainfall and light are exceptionally abundant, the production of fruit is sweet, is an absolute fruit jiapin. Tea and health drinks, preferably southeast fruit, carey crafted a variety of fashion drinks, both in the spring and autumn and winter are bursting with popularity.

and tea juice drinks:

selection of fresh tea garden, tea garden build strength, is a natural health drink, drink. The tea health drinks preferred Southeast Asian tropical fruit, fresh fruit extract key tea, mango, lime story more temptation, pleasant fruits such as durian theme series of food items, 30 second molecular condensation technology, nutrients limit super lock without loss, bring an unexpected feeling and taste the ultimate super hyun.

tea Zhilan health drinks 1 cm puree particles, negative 196 DEG C instant solidification, visual taste double enjoyment: introduce foreign delicacy molecular cooking methods, combined with Thailand tropical fruit sugar and nitrogen perfect, through direct extraction of fruit puree, puree pellets made of 1CM diameter, in the low temperature of -196 DEG C to ensure instant freezing no loss of nutrients, stunning visual experience and taste the ultimate surprise you.

the spirit to create the first brand of the catering business philosophy, and according to the Chinese health drink tea taste, carey selected ingredients produced by modern fashion consumers. Field processing, natural fresh tea, and health drinks can definitely off the market, is the choice for entrepreneurs to join.

would like to open a tea shop and fruit juice health drink, please leave a message in our website below, see the message after we will reply you in the first time.

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