Fire extinguisher expired safety door does not open some of Xining’s entertainment hidden dangers

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January 6th morning, the inspection team Chengbei District of Xining City Social Development Bureau of Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, north of the city and district fire departments, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the area of cultural tourism market, two days, only 24 Internet cafes have found a lot of the same security risks.

on the morning of 6, law enforcement officers opened the bridge street cotton curtain Hetian cafe, a smoke blowing, there are people in smoking. Inspectors to stop at the same time, told the Internet cafe, Internet cafes are not allowed to smoke in the future must be strictly managed. At this time firefighters found that the fire extinguisher in the Internet cafe has expired, and even the nozzle fell down. Fire hydrant is full of dust, not to say that the maintenance, even the least clean have not done. Most of the emergency lights and safety signs on the wall can not be used. Go to the Internet bar to go inside, opened the curtain of safe passage, a big lock hanging on the door. Firefighters immediately fined 5000 yuan, requiring Internet users within the deadline to accept the fire department. But also because of cultural inspectors registration problems such withheld the network of Internet cafes operating license.


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