North small finances do many happy things

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This year, the North District adhere to fiscal priority to protect the people’s livelihood, arrange the development of people’s livelihood, in the "small treasury" to do "people’s livelihood" on the new results, as of now, North District People’s livelihood undertakings steadily. In order to speed up the pace of development of education, the North has invested more than 9200 yuan, the implementation of the standardization of 5 schools. At present, the pre school education, "two exemptions and one supplement" and other policies to implement all the policies of education in place, "egg milk", "nutrition lunch", "school uniforms" and other educational projects gradually standardized. In order to allow more staff to achieve employment, North City to strengthen all kinds of recruitment activities, as of now, 5541 new urban jobs, promote the transfer of rural labor force employment of 5138 people, employment difficulties to achieve employment of 510 people. Strengthen social security, for the region’s difficult families, guaranteeing objects, more than 16000 people with disabilities living allowance of more than 730 yuan. Invested 3 million yuan in the construction of rural villages, such as the start of the village of "happy home" project. Carefully create a business incubator for college students, standardized implementation of 38 administrative villages and labor security workstation, the current work is actively promoting. In addition, to speed up the work of health services, the completion of the first mobile population health and family planning service stations, bridges and other health services center, 3 Chinese medicine Hall (Hall) is under construction. To carry out remote community rounds, reception and referral "three up" activities, by the masses of residents welcome.  

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