Largest water search and rescue exercise held yesterday

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In order to test the Qinghai Lake area water scientific emergency rescue plan and operation of our province to further explore the navigable waters water emergency rescue work mode, jointly organized by the provincial transportation department, Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, Qinghai Lake Scenic Area Management Bureau of the province’s largest water emergency rescue exercise held in the waters near Qinghai Lake scenic Jiro sword in September 12th. In recent decades, with the development of hydropower construction and tourism in our province, gradually formed along the 8 in the Yellow River, and the formation of 10 navigable waters around the Qinghai Lake and the lake, there are more than and 150 kinds of ships, domestic and foreign tourists every year tens of thousands of people. In order to protect the life and property safety of tourists, improve our province maritime administration and shipping enterprises to deal with water on emergency response and processing capacity, prevent water traffic accidents, our province will host the annual water exercises, this exercise from the participants, the number of terms over the years scale one of the biggest. Exercise simulated Qinghai Lake scenic area after a passenger cruise ship suddenly caught fire, the fire gradually become larger, although the crew on board has taken emergency measures, but because of the wind, the fire was difficult to control. After receiving the rescue information, a nearby rescue boat to rescue, but because of the fire has threatened to rescue the ship, so rescue boats had to temporarily evacuate. The other three rescue vessels subsequently received a rescue signal also rushed to the scene of the accident, the ship served as the ship’s role will be reproduced on fire all the tourists safe transfer of the ship, the other two boats rushed through the fire, rescue boats together, visitors get timely rescue, ship deck fire has been extinguished. The exercise a total of 8 ships, more than and 80 people involved.  

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