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The morning of June 11th 9, Xining city party’s mass line educational practice deeds report will be held, Municipal Standing Committee, Minister of propaganda department, Municipal Federation of trade unions chairman Wang Haihong, municipal committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning and vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Du Shupin attended the report meeting.The

report will be opening, first is about from the deeds of the police for 22 years in Xining City, north of the city police fire brigade brigade of the original captain Zhang Yong, the audience watched Zhang Yong’s heroic picture, he listened to a section of deeds, have tears, both for him regretting, also proud of him. How many times, how many times the baptism of wind and rain in the test of life and death, Zhang Yong always led the way, regardless of personal danger of the dauntless spirit, in the great practice of defending the charge into the enemy ranks of people’s property and life, with self sacrifice and selfless dedication, vivid interpretation of a member of the Communist Party should have public servant character and a contemporary fire brigade have succeeded in carrying out an assignment of the true colour of a hero……

Huangyuan County, Gaoling small village Party branch is the construction of socialist countryside of our province a never fading banner, they through the comprehensive management of mountain, water, forests, fields and roads, make the village of Sha Fengjing, a take on an altogether new aspect; active in the political front female prosecutors, based on jobs, work conscientiously, stand for public inspection, law enforcement for the people, with love and loyalty to the cause of their own, made proud achievements; active in the local police station the police and his wife Lv Junjun, Wei Haimei deeds commendable; technology and the introduction of the project in rural areas, led the villagers to go on an old Party member, the old Party grassroots entrepreneurial rich broad road and the construction of new rural community leaders Liu Rong; feeling with heart, rooted in the grassroots, community residents, Party members and cadres Sun Lan’s selfless; Tian Ming, a dutiful Popularization of science and technology; Nanshan West community for each worker, for the city of the circle of happiness and harmony to pay a lot of hard work and sweat……

a pile, a touching story, so that the audience here to benefit from the audience. The audience have said that this is the report of the party’s mass line educational practice stage work summary of the many emerging advanced models and deeds give full affirmation and encouragement, will set off a new upsurge in the comprehensive promotion of the party’s mass line of educational practice in the whole society.


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