College entrance examination in 2016 to determine the timing of admission

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reporter learned from the provincial admissions, in 2016 the Province ordinary college admission time has been determined at each batch of candidates, timely attention.

1. undergraduate admission in advance (gradient volunteer, no sign), July 10th – 13.

Military Academy (including national defense, public security (police, pilot), The Central Instituite for Correctional Police, Qinghai Nationalities University, Beijing Electronics Science and Technology Institute, University of Tibet law school) for the province in six State Party committees of the general office "room" employment enrollment; directly under the Ministry of Education of normal college majors (including normal ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory classes, sports); arts undergraduate; navigation; Hong Kong University; foreign language college, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Youth University for Political Science, a small language; Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai National University of professional planning, Qinghai University free medical students oriented planning etc..

2. oriented enrollment plan for poor areas of special admissions (gradient voluntary, complex levy) and college admissions, July 14th – 15.

for the lack of special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment of students, volunteers and the first batch of undergraduate colleges and complex (volunteer, July 19th – 20, 21 days to collect complex complex volunteer, 22 – 23, complex volunteer Toudang admission, enrollment is not full institutions swap). Independent enrollment in accordance with the relevant colleges and universities in our province to determine and provide the list of qualified candidates and batch scores, candidates volunteer toudang.

3. the first batch of undergraduate (gradient volunteer, complex), July 16th – 23.

"985" "211" universities; the Ministry of education, our province approved the inclusion of a batch of admission Colleges (Professional) and ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory classes; the orientation of the college enrollment plan in Tibet; directional non Tibet students employment enrollment plan. July 16th – 18, one or two voluntary admission Toudang pre. 19 announced no plans, full institutions and professional freedom to vote state candidates scores. 19 – 20 days of voluntary rehabilitation. 21 days to collect complex volunteer, 22 – 23, complex volunteer Toudang admission, full institutions regulating matriculation.

4. second batch of undergraduate (gradient voluntary, complex), July 24th – 31.

general undergraduate colleges and universities and their ethnic classes, foreign institutions of national matriculation; two colleges and universities in the direction of the enrollment plan. 24 – 26, one or two day of admission voluntary Toudang pre. 27 announced no plans, full institutions and professional freedom to vote state candidates scores. 27 – 28 days of voluntary rehabilitation. 29 days to collect voluntary rehabilitation. 30 – 31 complex volunteer Toudang admission, not full institutions regulating matriculation.

5. province colleges and universities ethnic preparatory (gradient volunteer, no sign), August 1st – 2.

limit recruit six national minority candidates and the city of the sea east of the county, Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County Rural Household candidates.

6. third batch of undergraduate (parallel, complex), August 3rd – 1;

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