[Xining city] Seongbuk punch two Hensha unhealthy

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"Two" is approaching, the north area of the Joint Commission for Discipline Inspection belonged to the various departments to carry out "brake two people celebrate the festival gift of public funds and unwholesome tendencies", many measures to prevent public funds during the Mid Autumn Day gifts unwholesome tendencies and carry out, strict supervision and inspection, in violation of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the "four prohibitions", verified Party cadres, in accordance with relevant provisions seriously. North District through the organization of cadres to relive the audio-visual piece of good people, the heart will sow the seeds of self-discipline of Party members and cadres in the region on the duty crime; through the analysis of real cases, educate Party members and cadres to keep a sober mind; Chinese from traditional culture education to Party members and cadres warning "silt but don’t dye". To contact the feelings, the transfer of traditional culture festival do not become "robbing", "do not be disloyal". "Jiao Yulu, Ren Changxia is not far away from us, many excellent cadres we have been learning and model, along their tracks, we will again clean and honest, always serving the people and the country’s defense consolidation". North of the city discipline inspection and Supervision Bureau will carry out supervision and inspection focus, combined with the party’s mass line education, the positive wind Su Ji as an important content, announced the party secretary, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and other important leaders and departments of the mail and telephone, smooth reporting channels, to the various departments, each unit of the mid autumn day inspection and the implementation of the relevant provisions a thorough investigation and focus on examination of the various units of public funds, whether mutual visits gifts and banquets, whether Gongjusiyong, bus driving violations, whether in the name of the festival assault money and in violation of the provisions of spamming subsidies, bonuses, affairs, increase accountability efforts, strengthen supervision and inspection, to make the ban to stop corruption Festival carried out, once found violators, the consequences must be resolutely severely punished, informed, illegal the punishment according to law, to play a warning Let, frugal, delicate gas is in the style of real implementation. Wang Jingli ()  

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