City tax was the best service hall title

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days ago, reporters from the city’s land tax system, the tax on the annual work conference was informed that the City Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service Hall was awarded the 2013 annual "best tax service hall" honorary title.

it is understood that the 2013 annual Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau to carry out the best assessment activities in the tax service hall in the system, the Local Taxation Bureau of the tax service hall after a rigorous evaluation process, the final tax service hall in the city’s many talent shows itself. In recent years, the Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service Hall, adhere to the service for the purpose of strengthening the taxpayer, the tax service hall of the hardware construction, efforts to enhance the quality of tax agent software, to further standardize the tax process, improve the service system, optimize service means, and actively build civilized and harmonious tax environment, the work has been affirmed by the higher authorities, the universal praise from all sectors of society and taxpayers.


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