High speed traffic police to avoid blocking small holiday weapon

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This year from May 31st to June 2nd, is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. In accordance with the provisions of the highway in Qinghai Province during the Dragon Boat Festival will not be implemented within the jurisdiction of the toll free policy, but because this year the Dragon Boat Festival and the Children’s Day overlap, high-speed traffic police is expected during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the number will not be decreased via the highway.

to facilitate travel, high-speed traffic police detachment to make a detailed prediction for the pre holiday travel during the holiday season, and return after the holiday. According to the pre judgment, on the morning of May 31st, out of downtown Xining are the peak period is expected to reach about 250 vehicles per minute, about 5. High speed Beijing Tibet Chaoyang, rhyme ieguchi, main line is easy to block roads, high-speed traffic police will also be based on the actual traffic conditions of traffic management work. June 2nd afternoon, in order to return to the peak of the urban area of Xining, the peak period is expected to be 16 to 22 when the traffic is expected to reach about every 5 minutes, about 100.  

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