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recently, the progress of work briefing to create a national civilized city held reporter from the Xining municipal Party committee of Xining City, Xining city at the beginning of May the implementation of the "hundred days tackling action", "creative city" action has entered a crucial stage. Tackling the problem, focusing on the rectification of the city environment, public health, traffic security, market order, social and cultural environment, window services.

environment six crucial action, led by the municipal law enforcement bureau, with the planning and construction departments, strengthen the urban roads, public places, suburban joint remediation of illegal construction; led by the Municipal Health Bureau, with the urban management, industry and commerce departments, efforts to solve the existence of small workshops, small restaurants, small stalls business the problem of food safety, clean environment; Municipal Public Security Bureau led with traffic, SASAC and other departments, the focus of remediation drunk driving, speeding and other six dangerous driving behavior; Industrial and Commercial Bureau led the city, with the urban management, business and other departments, focus on strengthening the regulation of management of food markets, livestock products market and urban market; the City Commission for Discipline Inspection (Supervision Bureau) to take the lead, with health, transportation and other sectors, the medical, commercial retail, taxi three must check the industry increased the intensity of rectification.

market order rectification work for the results achieved, 23 am, inspectors went into the field of water wells. Reporters learned that the wells Lane from Qinghai with local characteristics of the food, the most prone to problems in the bulk of the focus of food remediation. Among them, a total of 214 food labeling issued by the ban unlicensed operation of 1 households, regulate the conduct of the business of 8.

later, inspectors to visit the "three small" industries in the City District Stone Slope Street (small beauty salon, small hotels and small bathroom), the reporter noted that the hairdressing shop, not only the creation of the special tools disinfection cabinet, but also set up a special tool box for skin diseases and consumers, business owners also use alcohol to implement a hairdressing tool disinfection. It is reported that this year is the fourth batch of national civilized city to create a key year of selection, but also the implementation of the Xining city to create a crucial year for the five year plan. Since 2010, Xining started to create a national civilized city work, the city formed a vertical in the end, transverse to the edge, interlocking, a row in the end of the chain of responsibility. At the same time, it also forms the chain of accountability, mutual connection, mutual supervision and mutual restraint. (author: Fan Chengcheng)

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