Xining City area Wenfeng monument bike race closing

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Xining City District third Wenfeng monument eco-tourism scenic mountain bike Invitational closing yesterday. From around the country more than 400 athletes and cyclists after two days of competing warlords, and finally in Wenfeng saw the monument under the level of the team from Suzhou won the championship group called "the starting line" bicycle club.

challenging mountain road schedule

city Wenfeng District monument ecotourism scenic spot mountain bike Invitational Hussein with steep slopes Nanshan set schedule, for many athletes and bike enthusiasts, is a unique challenge, so from the beginning of 2010, the game began to attract more and more people to participate in the competition. Reporters on the scene saw this year, not only has a large number of bicycle clubs in the province to join, but also from Gansu, Hunan, Guangdong, Suzhou and other provinces and cities to join the bicycle club and association. From Gansu Lanzhou FOMART Bicycle Club Player Zhang said that their club for two consecutive times came to the team, they are attracted to mountain climbing competition lines, the entire schedule is 15 kilometers climbing, plus the bumpy gravel road, "this track was too challenging". At the same time, many players also believe that the Wenfeng monument ecotourism scenic spot mountain bike Invitational more and more professional, for the first time this year by the "dual timer" system. A contestant surnamed Peng said: "the use of professional electronic timing instead of manual timing, so the game more fair and more professional."

event to become the central new business card

this bicycle race relies on the tourism resources in the city, through the sports as the carrier of the whole people to participate in sports, culture, tourism activities, to create a new name of the central city. According to the organizers of a responsible person, this event is on the Tibetan Plateau for amateur mountain bike enthusiasts organized the event, and pave the way to warm up for Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, is the extension and supplement of the Qinghai Lake cycling race, is on the ring lake and the positive response to match. The area will be through the "car racing up the stage, singing tourism, the cycling is a summer people’s economic and environmental protection way to travel, the summer of Xining to build a mountain bike enthusiast paradise. (author: Rong Lijun)

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