The Super Cup is also played on Biwenger!

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first_imgBiwenger already warned that this new year 2020 would be loaded with surprises and news for all the most played fantasy managers in Spain. Said and done. After the 10 credits he gave on January 1 to all those registered, we have had little to wait to know what the next surprise would be: the Biwenger Super Cup.Did you think that Biwenger would take a break for not having a day in LaLiga? That never. Biwenger could not fail in an event as important and historical as this new Spanish Super Cup with Final Four format played in Saudi Arabia from Wednesday 8 to Sunday 12 January.The Biwenger Supercup is a macroliga No limit of participants in which the top 10 classified will get prize: PS4; smartwatch, latest generation bluetooth wireless headphones; Biwenger sweatshirts and Premium leagues + Biwenger credits. Further, the first 3 will also take a trophy. The gameplay will be fantasy, with a fixed budget of 300 million, with no substitutes and no changes during the day. You can also select a captain who scores double, so All managers will be on equal terms.Make history yourself and participate in this 1st edition of the Biwenger Supercup divided into 2 days (semifinals and final). You can choose any player from the 4 teams that dispute the tournament: F.C. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Valencia C.F., provided you do not exceed the established budget.The first day will be composed by Valencia C.F. vs Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona vs Atlético de Madrid, to be played on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 respectively, both at 20:00 peninsular time. The grand final between the 2 winning sets of the “semis” will correspond to the 2nd and final day, which will be played Sunday January 12 at 7:00 p.m. Peninsular time.You can join in the next link and find all the information about the operation of the Biwenger Super Cup and its prizes in the legal bases of the tournament.last_img

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