Xining science and technology achievements transformation service base

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Xining science and technology achievement transformation service base after the Xining Productivity Center for nearly a year before, has been accepted by the experts of Xining Province, and test operation. The base includes the transformation of public service platform for scientific and technological achievements in Xining, Xining technology trading platform and Xining city science and technology exchange and service platform.

built a new service base is located in Xining Dongchuan Industrial Park Business Park of small and medium-sized enterprises, design, renovation and re layout of the modernization of science and Technology Service Exhibition Hall in the original Xining Productivity Promotion Center, business service center based on site. The business hall is divided into achievements exhibition area, self inquiry, contract negotiations, district training area and comprehensive service area of five major functional areas, installation configuration LED screen, scanner, projector and chairs and other facilities, the establishment of exhibition and information dissemination, technology services, personnel training and other services window function, functional display, transaction, set sharing, service, exchange as a whole, effectively promote technology transfer and trade.


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