The jianzhanglizhi Duocuobingju efforts for the healthy growth of the Youth Escort

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With the opening of the whole society, the enhancement of mobility, the rapid development of the Internet, in recent years, all kinds of social problems that affect the healthy growth of young peopleWith the opening of the whole society, the enhancement of mobility, the rapid development of the Internet, in recent years, all kinds of social problems that affect the healthy growth of young people appear constantly in the

. For the further implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, and vigorously promote the social management innovation, efforts to form a long-term mechanism and adolescent social management ability, in order to prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency, to create a good social environment for the healthy growth of youth, Xining City Juvenile Protection Committee Office, Xining prevention work leading group Office of juvenile delinquency closely the actual situation of Xining, and actively explore the work carrier and mode characteristics of adolescents, adhere to the "principle of jianzhanglizhi, Duocuobingju, efforts to improve the work system, optimize the social environment, the integration of social forces and other aspects, actively mobilize all members of the unit in terms of ideology, organization and leadership, standardize the work system and effect to implement, to create outstanding youth rights Kong activities as the carrier, Promote the protection of the rights and interests of young people.

– increase infrastructure. fully mobilize grassroots organizations work functions, adhere to the people-oriented, education, protection and prevention measures, the tasks and responsibilities, to implement the street community, rural township, village (community) play an important role in promoting the healthy growth of juveniles. Group Huangyuan county actively implement the spirit of the municipal Party committee "opinions" on strengthening the work of mediation and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of juvenile files, determine the 7 rural county under the jurisdiction of 2 towns, 3 middle schools and vocational schools to establish Huangyuan Youth Rights station a total of 13 missions, and undertake the organization responsible for the leaders in the linkage mechanism and service and other aspects of human rights strictly implement the responsibility, and actively provide guidance, in a timely manner to resolve conflicts and disputes to resolve in the bud at the grassroots level, and vigorously promote the basic standard first, regional linkage, prevention and treatment of work pattern formation.

standard system construction. is to strengthen the protection of minors, prevention of juvenile delinquency in the organization, coordination and guidance, enhance the work of protecting the rights and interests of youngsters in our city is scientific, pertinence and effectiveness, promote the city’s youth rights protection work in an orderly and healthy development, recently, combining prevention office work requirements, the municipal Party committee issued "in 2011 the City Commission for the prevention of juvenile delinquency work leading group work points", clear objectives and major tasks for each member of the unit responsibilities to make overall arrangements and deployment, and will promote the prevention of juvenile delinquency innovation mechanism as the focus of the work throughout the year, requires in-depth research, promote the implementation of measures, establish and perfect communication, communication and coordination of major events in the joint consultation system. At the same time, according to the Central Committee and other fourteen ministries jointly issued the "create" Youth Rights Kong "guidance" activities, expand the scope of services, innovative ways of working, to promote the construction of standardized management and institutional building activities. Huangyuan county Party committee actively implement, modify and complete;

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