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March 22nd, governor Hao Peng in the Provincial Museum and provincial cultural center, the provincial art museum, the Provincial Library (two) project site investigation. He stressed the need to create a platform to enhance public cultural services to better meet the needs of the broad masses of the people’s spiritual and cultural needs.
in sunning the south side of the square, "three main hall" project has been completed, is currently no quality check, template removal etc.. Hao Peng walked into the construction site to see the progress of the construction. Hao Peng pointed out that the Library Culture Museum, art museum, (two) project is in our province, "12th Five-Year" key cultural projects that benefit, to enhance the image of the city of Xining Province, to improve the level of public cultural services, has a very important significance. He stressed that this year’s "three Hall" construction project in large quantity, various processes, complex installation, construction period, the relevant departments and construction units must attach great importance to scientific and rational arrangement of schedule and process, ensuring construction quality and safety, and strive to be finished according to plan construction tasks. Hao Peng stressed that "the three facade design museum" to the city landscape sunning Plaza environment to consider, should pay attention to coordination with the surrounding buildings and the environment, to form a continuous culture building group in sunning Plaza, building a new layout of the surrounding building space sunning Plaza, lifting the provincial public service platform to meet the culture. The majority of people’s spiritual and cultural needs.
Zhang Jianmin with research.

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