West District of Xining continue to increase funding to consolidate grassroots party positions

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Xining West District continue to increase capital investment, equipped with audio-visual equipment, the purchase of learning materials, take the traditional education and modern equipment combination, its warmth, send the information to send, send policy ideas, send funds and other activities, to provide services for the majority of grassroots party members, strengthen grass-roots party positions, effectively enhance the grassroots the level of Party building.

2013, Xining City West District invested nearly 2 million yuan for grassroots party organizations do practical things. 20 the community party building work is equipped with a camera equipment; for a town of five streets with the work of Party building special computer 30; the replacement of the LCD TV for the 19 terminal site named distance education; a group of outstanding talent award in recognition of the district; for schools, communities, non-public economic group organization, social organization, building Party group small family, school and other grassroots organizations of the party construction funds totaling 1 million yuan.

actively implement the "frontline law," a five card "," seven "and other activities as the carrier, to guide the district construction industry construction joint committee", the jurisdiction of 20 real estate, property and other enterprises into the construction industry joint committee ", formed a" four area promotion mode six "the work of Party building.


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