The biggest danger of leading cadres is to break away from the masses

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The eighteen report of the

Party pointed out that "spirit slack dangerous, dangerous lack of capacity, from the masses of dangers passive corruption, more pointedly placed in front of the whole party," which is the greatest danger from the masses. Xi Jinping in June 18th this year, held the party’s mass line educational practice work conference stressed that the mass line of educational practice in leading institutions above the county level, leading bodies and leading cadres to focus on. It is an important judgment for the current phenomenon of a small number of leading cadres from the masses, leading cadres from the masses to a large extent undermined the image of the party, hurt the feelings of the people. Therefore, the behavior of leading cadres against the wishes of the masses and harm the interests of the masses need to effectively correct and prevent.

leading cadres from the masses is the main problem: one is the ideological deviation from masses; two is the behavior on the job is alienated from the masses; three from the masses; four is the life of the masses is free; five moral loss from the masses; six is the style away from people. Among them, the three aspects of thinking, work, life is particularly prominent.

one is ideologically deviated from the masses. With the ruling environment and conditions continue to improve, the ruling position of commanding and control the power resources, as well as a variety of external temptations, a few leading cadres, the importance of maintaining close ties between the party and the people of the necessity and urgency of lost and keenly aware of identity and life values changed. First, we can not treat the masses equally; two, we can not treat the masses with the public servants; the other is that we can not treat the masses with the heart of "ordinary".

two is working away from the masses. Some local relations between cadres and the masses, performance engineering and image projects frequently launched, frequent incidents of mass incidents and corruption, the credibility of the government declined. Specific performance in a leadership decision-making and the needs of people out of tune; the two is not listening to the voices of the masses, not to solicit the opinions of the masses, not working to support the masses; three is the lack of communication between the lead and the masses, the masses do not trust.

three is a free mass in life. A handful of leading comfort enjoyment, rather than to the basic services for the people, indulge in the scene of debauchery, ignoring the plight of the people, even for Mandarin and contrary to public opinion and sacrifice the interests of the people of the events occurred frequently. Its performance: first, the lack of attention to the reasonable demands of the masses, working hard to make things difficult for the masses; two is not enough concern about the vital interests of the masses; the three is not enough care for the lives of the masses.

from the masses of the problem while a few leading cadres exist in the body, but the existence of these problems seriously affected the party’s image in people’s mind, hurt the feelings of the masses, the masses of the people of lower trust party, weakened the party with the people’s flesh and blood relation, serious impact on the relation between the party and the masses harmony. Therefore, this issue must be highly vigilant.

first, strengthen the party spirit, so that leading cadres do not want to leave the masses. People’s attitude towards the problem, fundamentally speaking, is the issue of party spirit, world outlook. Leading cadres should stand up to the test of power, money and beauty;

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