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Today is the first day of heating season, the district heating enterprises will be charged in accordance with the new standard of residential natural gas central heating costs. But recently, WeChat network appeared in the relevant departments of the state requirements below reduce household heating fee, heating fee but lower natural gas prices rise "rumors, and even the" voices of doubt this year heating costs if the price adjustment held hearings "and" let you first do not worry over heating costs "and" advised words". October 14th, the reporter conducted an interview.

for counseling of non residents with natural gas price adjustment of central heating in our city residential natural gas, guarantee the normal heating heating enterprises in our city, according to the provincial development and Reform Commission on the hearing directory, in accordance with the strict laws and regulations program in November 28th last year held a heating residential natural gas price adjustment hearing set. In January this year, fortieth municipal government executive meeting examined and adopted the "Xining city central heating residential natural gas price adjustment programs", with central heating residential natural gas price of 4.90 yuan per square metre per month to 5.77 yuan. The original price adjustment in March 15th began to implement, taking into account the relevant factors, the city government decided to postpone the heating price adjustment program to be carried out before the winter heating period in 2015. Because of central heating, natural gas prices have been adjusted, residents of central heating, gas price from 1.30 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 1.60 yuan per cubic meter, up 0.30 yuan, increase the purchase cost of gas heating enterprises, such as not timely adjustment of the residents of central heating prices, is bound to affect the normal operation of heating enterprises and all the central heating residential property the. In order to ensure the normal development of centralized heating in winter, the request approved by the municipal government and the municipal development and Reform Commission issued on the adjustment of Xining residents gas central heating price adjustment notice, the specific implementation in October 15, 2015.Development and Reform Commission

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