Three districts to develop governance strategy

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today’s Qinghai, has stood at a new starting point, the world is showing a more broad prospects for development. Efforts to build a recycling economy development zone! Efforts to build ecological civilization in the first district! Efforts to build national unity and progress of advanced areas! Based on resources, ecological stability, three important strategic position, the construction of "three areas" strategy, as the provincial government governance Green Governance overall strategy to enrich and develop, for the people of Qinghai to bring a different kind of warmth, confidence, hope, more gather up the majestic power of the people of Qinghai to build well-off.

circular economy, to build the country’s leading area

2008, Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone has become the second batch of pilot park, the development of circular economy to promote the scientific development stage.


] the industrial chain planning system at present, development of circular economy in Qinghai province basically completed, through the active construction of circular economy industrial chain, promoting the centralized layout of related industries, Qinghai has formed a circular economy industrial cluster with Qinghai characteristics.

next year to build the basic framework of the

according to the "development of circular economy in Qinghai Province pilot area construction of national action plan", 2015 to build circular economy development framework, completed in 2020 the national circular economy pilot area development, at the same time, to build industrial clusters as an important carrier of the development of circular economy construction of national first district, building circular and complete industrial system in accordance with the 15 industrial base location.

Xining implementation plan is being developed

in the development of circular economy, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, one of the four parks and focus on the development of eight industrial chain is the highlight of circular economy. The strength of the development of circular economy in Xining city has begun to build in non-ferrous metals, chemical integration as the foundation, eight integrated industry chain development system to enhance the transformation of traditional industries such as steel as the focus, let the future development zone has become the first area of the province’s recycling economy. At present, Xining is developing the implementation of circular economy development zone ahead of the implementation of the program. (reporter Xiao Yu)

Qinghai advantage in resources, potential in resources, hope in resources.

circular economy has become a powerful leverage leveraging resources in Qinghai.

is based on the circular economy, Qinghai station in the new historical development of circular economy and building national height put forward the first area of strategic vision, has become the only way which must be passed Qinghai scientific development, accelerate economic growth in Qinghai has become an important shortcut in the total transformation of the mode of development.

construction is the first area of reform is also sprint

batch of infrastructure projects started construction, a focus on investment in the pilot area of Bibi funds, cast into the industrial chain…… From Qaidam to Xining, Qinghai circular economy industrial system is taking shape, the development of circular economy in Qinghai area is becoming more and more.

[idea] in 2012, the province proposed to build a national recycling economy development zone strategic structure;

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