Xining Zuoqi light motor vehicle accident treating method on the first day of the formal implementat

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Driving on the road, the most afraid of is a traffic jam. Many sections of the traffic jam is the occurrence of a small rub in front of the vehicle, the car station in the middle of the road dispute caused by traffic jam. Yesterday, the Xining motor vehicle accident treatment approach was formally implemented. Reporters from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment accident handling battalion squadron was informed that, as at 17:45 on the 10, the first day of the implementation of the new regulations, the provincial capital is not the driver of a small accident caused by a large traffic jam and punished.

small into urban traffic accidents due to the traffic jam

"measures", on the minor road traffic accident with fast processing conditions, the parties did not leave the scene according to the provisions of the traffic police should be ordered to evacuate, refused to evacuate, in accordance with the mandatory evacuation, and give 200 yuan punishment in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "procedures" deal with road traffic accidents.

the slight accident processing method and photographed skills

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