Wang Yubo listened to the city’s social work stressed the importance of improving people’s well bein

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"The people’s livelihood is closely connected with the people, each department will continue to enhance the welfare of the people oriented, take people’s satisfaction as the standard, to reform and innovation as the pursuit of work, to solve the problem for the work of standards, to the implementation of the project as the carrier, take the initiative to accept the inspection and supervision of the masses." In September 5th, presided over the meeting of the city’s social opening report deputy secretary and mayor Wang Yubo repeatedly stressed that the work of social and people’s livelihood, related to the social harmony and stability, the relationship between the party and the government’s image, but also directly related to the vital interests of the masses. All departments should always adhere to the people-oriented, take effective measures to conscientiously perform their duties, and strive to enhance the public’s happiness index.

Wang Yubo stressed that the work of social opening, is to enhance the people’s happiness index, an important part of promoting the sustained and healthy development of social undertakings, it is an important aspect of the municipal government to serve the people, improve people’s livelihood.

further work on the future of the city’s social work, Wang Yubo made five specific requirements:

one should adhere to enhance the well-being of the people as an important work oriented. All departments must follow the provincial government’s construction of new Qinghai, creating a new life "and the municipal government put forward the construction of" the people satisfied with the life of the city, the city of happiness ", adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the people, adhere to the people-oriented Scientific Outlook on Development, to further develop the work space, innovative methods of work and enhance the effectiveness of the work, and improve the people’s quality of life. Two to adhere to the people’s satisfaction as an important standard of work. At present, people are not very satisfied with the place, all departments should carry out a thorough investigation and study, to take effective measures to strengthen and improve their work, so that the people really feel the party and the government’s care, enhance the credibility of the government. Three to adhere to reform and innovation as an important pursuit of work. Reform adds vitality, innovation embodies the pursuit of. There are two vertical and horizontal development coordinates, longitudinal contrast in progress, horizontal contrast in the gap. All departments should establish "take the lead, lead, lead and innovation consciousness, in accordance with the requirements of the socialist market economy, to identify each work position and goals, further emancipate the mind, enhance the vitality and vigor, and actively study the new situation, explore new ideas, new measures, new breakthrough. Four to adhere to solve the problem as an important job requirements. The problem is the responsibility, the courage to face the problem, problem-solving ability. Solve the problem reflects the government execution, creativity. Especially the people most concerned about, the most direct, the most realistic and fair admission of children to school, health care, food and drug safety, culture and entertainment, all departments have the courage to face and solve, to be self pressurized, consciously thinking, active coping, positive solution. Fifth, adhere to the implementation of the project as an important carrier of work. Departments should take the implementation of the project as an effective carrier to promote the work of development, career development, to meet the people’s growing material and cultural needs as their responsibility, to further increase investment, expand high-quality resources to serve the people, good planning, real;

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