The entrance examination enrollment will be in full swing

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The reporter learned from the provincial admissions committee, province recruit December 2nd issued "on 2016 in Qinghai Province ordinary university art enrollment examination work notice" on 2016, our province college entrance examination examination work arrangements. According to the regulations: Art candidates to participate in professional examinations. Professional examination provincial unified examination (hereinafter referred to as the provincial college entrance examination), the college entrance examination organized by the professional examination (hereinafter referred to as the school test) in two forms. Among them, the arts must participate in the province’s provincial level.

has participated in the province in 2016 common entrance examination enrollment and the number of candidates who can apply for art professional examinations. Provincial examination registration time for the December 21st -23 (bubao overdue); registration sites in the dean’s office of Qinghai Normal University. The approval of the Ministry of education can organize the school test is 31 independent art colleges, 13 reference set of independent art colleges (non professional) fine arts undergraduate college admissions professional art colleges, national ministries. School enrollment examination and examination methods determined by the admissions colleges. School to participate in the examination of the candidates please read the "college admissions admissions", and the requirements of their own registration and examination to the test center in Colleges and universities. At the time of registration, I hold identity cards issued by the Admissions Test and register certificate. If the candidates must obtain a certificate before provincial exam in quasi school exam, candidates should first enroll in our provincial examination, and school examination registration, the provincial examination certificate together to participate in the school examination institutions.

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