Traditional flower song performances so that the audience obsessed

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The traditional Huar tune, Salar traditional Huar tune, Hehuang flowers, traditional Huar tune heritage classic song order…… In August 15th 11, the 2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival of Qinghai traditional Huar tune concert performances, in the south of Qinghai International Exhibition Center Hall C hot square. Our province outstanding singer flowers gathered here, with its unique and colorful artistic charm, attracted nearly a thousand spectators around the scene to listen, laugh bursts of sound, melodious flowers inserted on the beautiful wings, fly to every one of the hearts of the audience, the audience is obsessed with. "The flowers of the meeting on the waves" chapter, the singer is playing the ring to make the audience crazy.The performances of

by the provincial press and publication sponsored by the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Provincial Cultural Museum hosted. Performances in order to flower music as the main line, through the joy of singing and dancing to express the construction of a happy home for the children of the plateau, the pursuit of a happy life happy mood. On display in Qinghai area spread sung traditional Huar tune, the publicity of traditional music I make flowers unique, rich and protection achievements, let people feel the unique charm of traditional flowers, eager to find and develop the traditional Huar tune singing excellent young singer, advocate and guide the country to carry out the form a variety of traditional flowers singing activities in the whole society to create a good atmosphere for protection, pay close attention to the traditional flowers sung traditional flowers. August 16th at 7:30 pm, in the central square will be held on the big stage of the traditional Qinghai folk song performances second performances.

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