Science and technology for the city of Xining Sen injection booster

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Where is the best flower to plant? How do wild plants grow here? Carry out a forest work since, Xining city adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the support force, around the forest city construction, relying on the provincial and municipal key projects, to carry out afforestation, network construction, resource channel research, as Sen injected a strong booster. Over the past 3 years, Xining has invested nearly ten million yuan of scientific research funds, the results of 13, currently in the research project of the 14, and the establishment of scientific and technological demonstration points, further enhance the scientific and technological content of ecological greening.

in afforestation construction, Xining city adhere to the local conditions, the optimal treequot principle, pay more attention to the cultivation and application of native tree species, the introduction of water-saving and drought tolerant plants and wild vegetation utilization etc., give priority to the use of native plants, to eliminate the blind introduction field is not suitable for tree species. In the greening construction of urban and rural afforestation, planting a large number of spruce, pine, juniper, poplar, willow, clove and other native trees, improve local trees in the green plant configuration in proportion. In the construction of urban and rural greening, the promotion of the application of conservation measures, to carry out the study of the model of dry farming, to determine the suitability of different site conditions of afforestation configuration mode and mode of operation. The water saving and energy saving technical measures, such as sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, irrigation, plastic film mulching and water diversion irrigation, can effectively reduce the cost of afforestation, conservation and management, and realize the sustainable development of ecological construction.  

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