Mandarin emotional communication bridge ties

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Mandarin : emotional communication bridge link

in order to achieve the goal of "the popularization of Putonghua and the basic norms of social application of Chinese characters". In accordance with the "unity, innovation, diligent and efficient" principle, I Bureau of the language work into the civilized city system, conscientiously implement the spirit of the language work. On the afternoon of July 7th, I was led by the deputy director of the Tang Dynasty to participate in the office of the municipal government office of language reports.

through the field test, answer questions by experts and other forms, to further improve the Seismological Bureau of understanding of the importance of language work, I Bureau to carry out the annual ordinary Week activities as an opportunity to improve the cadres and workers of language consciousness and popularizing the sense of participation as the goal, sincere service to the community, to promote the work enthusiasm, standard consciousness the promotion of Putonghua and the language standardization work, make my bureau promotional work for the comprehensive construction of building a harmonious society to create a good language environment and the well-off society, to create a civilized city.


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