Northwest second why Xining tourists satisfaction increased significantly

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1 9, a survey released the National Tourism Research Institute of the national tourist satisfaction, satisfaction of tourists in Xining increased dramatically, jumped 13 ranking than last year in the 59 key tourist city rankings, ranked second in the northwest.

mayor Wang Yubo made instructions: "since this work since last year, efforts to grasp the positive efforts of the City Tourism Bureau, and the ranking, is dynamic, work is endless, please continue to work hard to maintain, to obtain better results……"

2014, Xining tourists satisfaction will be significantly improved? This is not unrelated to the Xining Municipal Bureau of tourism and a series of innovative initiatives: the use of their own advantage of the climate, geographical advantages, cultural advantages, strengthen tourist service industry, enhance the visibility and reputation of Xining tourism, so tourism highlights

– Xining tourist consultation center in the central square and the visitors face to face;

– the establishment of tourism service quality complaint acceptance center;

– tourism product R & D results are remarkable;

– "summer tour Xining" has become a well-known brand in the northwest tourism;

– "a network of dual micro" innovative tourism marketing new model;

– regional cooperation has taken a substantial step;


innovation highlights the work continuously enhance the city’s appeal and influence, director of the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau Lei Guiying said: the result of past work certainly represents, in 2015, the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau will closely around the municipal government center and the position of tourism in Xining City, vigorously promote the "beauty of Qinghai · Xining xiadou" the brand, and constantly improve the summer capital of Xining tourism brand and image of the city.

highlights: a comprehensive and thoughtful

tourism public service to achieve a new breakthrough

[news] through the hot summer, the wind from the autumn, ushered in the northern white winter. Suddenly, I came to the tourist information center has been working for half a year, half a year to work here, and I come from Chengdu, Qinghai Lake mountain, Menyuan rape, a grandfather throughout the days of Qilian Mountains chat, he wins praise the beauty of Xining and Qinghai, people’s enthusiasm and kindness…… Makes me feel proud of being a Xining man, and I’m going to talk to the movie from the beauty of the tourists from South korea…… Another time, outside under a big rain, just go to work and see the door stood an aunt, I warmly invited her in shelter, handing her a cup of hot water, it was found, she was a deaf mute silent! See her in the hand gestures, I took up the pen and paper in the paper, she scribbled "Ma Bufang" three words, I guess she might go to the Ma Bufang mansion, then I and my colleagues helped her out of a taxi and asked the driver to take her to the Ma Bufang mansion, aunt between the eyes showing gratitude, although no;

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