Around the lake the national image of China and the United States Ambassador

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reporter in March 24th to get the news from the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, Qinghai Lake international road cycling race organizing committee recently received a special gift, it is sent to a Chinese Embassy in the United States of appreciation.

things to start in September 2015. Embassy of the people’s Republic of China in the United States capital of Washington, DC to release the theme of the development of China’s bicycle public service ads. Got the news after the lake organizing committee actively, from fourteen years of accumulation of Lake Race in the picture library selected more than one most representative of Qinghai, Lake race can reflect the development achievement, can best embody the development of China cycling China pictures sent to the embassy, and a detailed text material that lake game held for fourteen years on the positive impact of China cycling, on Chinese people’s ideas and actions, the China embassy endorsement. Eventually, the lake race on behalf of the national image of the public on the streets of Washington, all public rental bike rental ads, to show the American people in the magnificent scenery of the plateau riding wonderful experience. After the advertisement, CCTV news channel broadcast the interview on the matter of the American people in the news, as the representative of the cycling race around the lake has become very friendly exchanges between the Chinese and American media, race around the lake is exceptionally well suited to the new role of Sino US exchange of envoys.

at home and abroad as a recognized cycling benchmark, Lake race not only leads the China cycling events progress, dissemination of the "green, humane and harmonious" concept, advocate a healthy and environmentally friendly way of life, but also promote the development of sports industry and social economy. This year, the game will usher in the fifteenth tournament, is an important step in the road race around the lake development, relying on the tournament organized by the lake Qinghai Lake bicycle League has started in the country, held in Guangzhou, covering Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuxi and other major cities, and has already held several years of Qinghai Lake college road cycling around Qinghai Lake, the cycling race around Qinghai Lake, mountain biking and other mass events, the tournament lineup is more and more powerful, the formation of the international top events and popular amateur events each other, new situation of professional drivers and amateur fans Tongchangjingji, truly become a healthy Qinghai a beautiful gold name card. Around the lake race will give full play to the strong physique, Tian Zhihui, Paul ecological, promote unity, the function, to tell the story of Qinghai, sing the voice of Qinghai, showing the image of Qinghai to play a unique role.


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